Ooh, the weather outside is frightful…..
and I wouldn't have it any other way! Although snow and I have our differences, the blanket of white is apart of the holidays for me. It puts me in a cozy, excited mood where all I want to do is sip tea, bake and watch movies all day…….*sigh*

 Along with winter, comes- you guessed it- the Holidays! They're right around the corner, and they're creeping up quickly! It's time to get all of those gifts before they sell out. Not sure on what to buy? Have no fear! This guide will help you find the perfect thing for mom, dad, your cousin…just about everybody!

After seeing this spread…..can I add the Sakura Mini Dress in Baby Pink by Henkaa and the Red Chilliwack Bomber jacket by Canada Goose to my wish list? Absolutely love them!

Happy Holidays! Get to crossing some names of those long lists of yours!

*Many thanks to Rachael Ramos and Lotus Leaf Communications for working alongside Eboni Curls on this post!


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