How to Wear It: Maxi Skirts

Although Fall is in full swing, it's still not too late to wear your last couple of maxi skirts. If you're residing somewhere where Winter doesn't include white flakes falling from the sky, consider yourself lucky! I received a question a couple of days ago on how to wear a maxi skirt, and I automatically began creating a post just for my readers- why not put together a post and share my knowledge with you? I've put together a fashion spread outlining four different types of fashion forward maxi skirts. Below the skirt spread is a corresponding 'top' spread to go a bit more in depth on how to create an entire ensemble including a maxi skirt. Many different styles can be attained- all it takes is a bit of effort, and a whole lot of confidence!

How to Wear It: Maxi Skirts

How to Wear It: Maxi Skirts by ebonicurls featuring a high waisted pleated maxi skirt

How to Wear It: Maxi Skirts Part II
How to Wear It: Maxi Skirts Part II by ebonicurls featuring a cropped corset

The maxi skirt trend has definitely become one of my favourite trends this year. Such a simple garment- yet it can change the entire look of an outfit!


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