How to Wear It: Falling into Winter

As dreadful as it may sound that Autumn has almost come and gone, it's time to start getting bundled up for Winter! One of the challenges most people face is transitioning from attire, season to season. Since Autumn is still a somewhat chilly season, it's an easier transition to Winter than others. The colours may change, but the basics (fabrics, layering, pattern, accents etc.) stay quite similar. Below is a fashion spread of the key garments of the coming season. 

How to Wear It: Falling into Winter

How to Wear It: Falling into Winter by ebonicurls featuring laced up boots

As demonstrated in the bottom, right-hand corner, layering is still a basic fundamental for this season, and great for creating an chic and comfortable look.  The brown cardigan is still an Autumn colour, but can easily be carried into Winter without a problem. See?  It works out perfectly!! 

If you live up north  like me, you know that winters are harsh and brutal. Making sure you're warm is VERY important. Frostbite and hypothermia are very attainable in this kind of weather! Proper footwear is a mandatory supply to survive winters like these, and the boots featured in the spread are great examples of what to look for. NOTE: The top boot are more 'heavy duty' boots, the pair featured below are for chilly winters as opposed to freezing cold. A warm interior of a boot is great to keep those toes warm and toasty!

Leggings are for the most part, have the same characteristics as Autumn. The variety of colours, patterns and accents are a great look for winter! One thing that is important to remember is the thickness of the leggings. The thicker they are, the better in this case. Leggings are also great for layering. If you haven't got a thick pair, try wearing two thinner pairs at a time. You'll keep just as warm!

Many thanks to Keanna and Amana for helping me propose this post!

What garments do you plan on keeping in style when Falling into Winter?


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