5 Tips for Matching Your Dress to Your Hairstyle

Fashionable ladies all across the country are looking for ways to make themselves more stylish. Selecting the perfect pair of shoes and the right necklace is definitely a part of this process- but so is ensuring that your dress and hairstyle match. This concept might be a new one to you. How can you make sure it plays out the way you want it to? 

Which One First?
Whether to purchase the dress first or determine the hairstyle first is, well, the first step you should take! Unless you really have your heart set on a particular hairstyle, looking for the dress first would be the better option. Dresses can be limited in size and selection. Hairstyle possibilities can be limitless if you learn the basic fundamentals of hairstyling.

The Neckline
When you are figuring out what type of hairstyle to wear with your dress, paying a lot of attention to the neckline is really important. Let's say that your dress has a halter top or some other sort of fancy neckline. You most likely chose that style because you want to show it off. Leaving all of your hair down is just going to cover the style, so you probably want to pick a 'do that is all up or at least partially up so your neckline becomes a statement.

Consider The Temperature
As you're purchasing the dress and going through the racks, you should think about what the weather is going to be like. For example, if it's for an event in the middle of the summer in Florida, then you may wish to consider a neckline that goes with an updo. On the other hand, if you'll be navigating through more chilly weather, look for a dress that allows you keep your hair down. A dress with more fabric to cover up exposed skin is also a great option, so you're not freezing cold! 

The Formality

Generally, both the dress and hairstyle should increase in formality together. Heading out in an evening gown with soaking wet hair that hasn't been styled shows as an unfinished ensemble- rushed and untidy! On the other hand, having a sophisticated 'do when you're wearing a summer dress to an outdoor barbecue is not necessarily the most practical or fashionable choice out there either. Make sure you're dressing according to the event. Keep in mind that different venues require different pieces of clothing- think of stilettos to a barbecue- unnecessary! 

Getting trials done on your hair is really one of the best ways to make sure your dress is going to match with the hairstyle. Just waking up on the day of the event and throwing some bobby pins in might leave you feeling a little bit disappointed. You don't necessarily need to have a professional to do your hair- you can still do trials at home to pick out the best style for your crown and to see how the look goes with your dress. 
A hairstyle can either make or break the look of your dress- so get to experimenting with those strands! 

Max Malin a fashionista that writes all about fashion and business. His recent work is on the Top 25 Smart Choice Schools for Online Bachelors in Business Administration Degrees.

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