3 Ways to Make Your Outfit Stand Out

Fashion is all about showing your individuality, personality and style through the color, cut and style of your clothing. However, not everyone can afford to purchase one-of-a-kind designer outfits, leaving the vast majority of the world to turn to retail stores and outlets. Retail establishments sell the same outfit to several, even thousands of other customers, so it's up to you to determine how to take a style that someone else is also wearing, and make it stand out. The best ways to do this include your makeup and hair, accessories like shoes and jewelry and the tailoring of the clothing.

Makeup and Hair

Makeup and hair provide the most accessible way to make your clothing stand out. Makeup and hair products run the gamut in price range, with many affordable options in all colors and finishes. For hair, experiment with different volumes, sheen and styling to compliment the style and shape of the outfit. Choose an outfit that compliments your hair color to also help you stand out. For blonde hair, consider colors like soft earth tones, peaches, bright greens and navy blues. For dark hair like brunettes or black hair choose pinks, turquoise, reds, neutrals and pastels. For red hair choose golds, greens and earth tones. Makeup can help your outfit stand out by using highlight colors from your outfit in your makeup. Striking blues, greens, purples or pinks can carry over to eye shadow or your lipstick to make the color pop out more in the outfit.


The accessories you choose to wear can also help your outfit stand out. Shoes especially can make or break an outfit. Experiment with different unexpected shoe types for your clothing, such as tennis shoes, flats, heels or sandals. Necklaces can also help fill negative space and compliment an outfit whether chunky, choker, semi-precious stones or diamond. Don't forget earrings, which like necklaces provide thousands of options in materials, size and style. Other potential accessories to help your outfit stand out include bangles, purses, watches, clutches, belts, bracelets, scarves and hats.


The right fit can take a bland outfit and make it runway worthy. Even budget clothing can be tailored to look much more expensive than what you paid. Tailors can look at your body measurements and adjust the seams of your clothing for a closer and more attractive fit. Tailors have locations in cities both large and small. If you're not sure where to start, contact a local dry cleaner. Often dry cleaners may also tailor clothing, and if not, will know who to refer you to.

By thoughtfully using the above techniques, you can turn even a $10 outfit into clothing that looks expensive and unique. Beyond that, makeup, hair and accessories provide thousands of options to customize your look, meaning that everyday you could wear the same outfit and stand out in a different way, simply by changing the style of all the accompaniments. So step out of your box and try a new look, you're only limited by your own imagination.

Ashley Rogers is a floor manager at a boutique in Boston that writes all about the fashion industry. Her recent work is on her experiences earning a project management degree online.

Many thanks to Ashley for composing this article! 


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