How To Wear It: Masculine Clothing

*Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, the first post of Eboni Curls' new segment "How to Wear It!"*

Mens' Clothing- versatile. Masculine. Chic. Unisex? Yeah, you heard me right. If there's one thing I've come to learn about the fashion universe, it's that anything can be worn- it just depends on how you wear it. This include mens' clothing to a T. Blogs like Faintly Masculine  express a young woman and her great ensembles, based on mainly masculine wardrobe. When I go shopping, I never limit my searches to the women's section. Browsing through the men's section can be fun! It also gives you a chance to visualize how you can potentially change an oversized top to create a different look, for example. Here's a bit of a spread on what I'm aiming for:

"Climate" Top: Vivian Westwood
"Square Navy Tote" Bag: Angela & Roi
"Leather Belt": H&M
"Nude Boyfriend Blazer": TOPSHOP
"Woven Faux Leather Bracelet": Forever 21 (21 Men)

The great thing about wearing masculine clothing, is that it can easily be dressed up into a semi-formal "night on the town" type look, or it can be eased into a "casual day-out" ensemble. Best of all, it's comfortable!! If you're not quite as adventurous with wearing the opposite gender's clothing, look in the women's section for "boyfriend" or loose fitting clothing- it's very similar to male clothing, with more of a female flare.


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