Back to School: Styling Tips

It seems like I can't mention the upcoming season anymore than I already have. Alongside Autumn, rolls in school- the time has come! I'm really excited to start my final year in senior high school. I've put together a back to school guideline for all of those looking to blow their peers away with some great ensembles!
"Pop Top" 
What I love bout this ensemble is the "spice" it has. The POP of the blazer adds a flare to the outfit. I added the Lancôme fragrance to sort of portray the outfit in a scent. Down to earthy, spicy, yes! Distressed jeans would also go quite nicely.

"Bright Bottoms"
I put together this ensemble to accent the pants. I see this colour as a staple in every woman's closet- especially for the Fall! The yellow nail polish is my way of adding a subtle colour block or colour clash technique to add more of a pop. Rose gold, crémes and tans thrive off of each other in this outfit, creating a clean, polished look.

"Phosphorescent Pattern"
This back to school look with have everyone staring! Patterns can be hard to work into an outfit, but when added with the correct colours and accessories, it can look absolutely gorgeous. I titled this look "phosphorescent pattern" to highlight the bright coloured top, and patterned bottoms. A sharp cat eye liner design would be icing on the cake.
"Casual Friday"
It can be hard to dress up every day of the week at school. You'll definitely run into Friday's where you may not feel like dressing up- but not to fear! Casual looks are great, especially when aiming for an effortless look. A simple top with capris, a small, but bold accessory and something cozy (aka the scarf) will create a simple yet chic look.
"Haute Hues"
Last but not least- playing with hues! It's important to remember that colours are MEANT to be used together. Don't be afraid to use two completely different colours to create a comfy, bold look! In this spread, I was sure to include a deep colour to compliment the simplicity of the white bottoms. To pull this look together, gold and rose gold accessories were added. *Midi-rings have officially become one of my favourite accessories!

I love each and every one of these looks. Most of my outfits follow along these lines to creating cute outfits. I hope everybody has an amazing year back at school! Work hard and reach goals!

To find out more about each look and where to purchase these items, click here.


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