Outfit of the Day: 'Taste of Edmonton'

Hello All!
For a girl's day out on the town for 'Taste of Edmonton'-here's my outfit! 

Costa Blanca Jumper/Urban Belt/Jay Manuel Satchel/Urban Behaviour Jean Jacket

It was a nice day out ignoring the gusts that took us all by surprise. I so glad I didn't spill anything on my outfit haha!

Here are some pics of the delicious foods we got to try!

Personally one of my favs of the day- I love sushi!!!

So cute- and not to mention delicious!


mmmm- Breakfast can be served at any time during the day!

Chicken Waffles- my first time trying it after hearing all the hype!

Both waffles in the photos above were purchased from 'Eva Sweet'- they made it onto the news!

I hope you're all enjoying your summer!


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