Pose- The Latest in Fashion Technology

Strike a POSE! Pose is the latest fashion forward app, allowing people across the world to communicate and share their knowledge of fashion with one another. Once you become a member of Pose, you can upload your very own looks to be viewed by other members. You can create collections, and add other looks you may fancy to any collection you'd like to! Let me just begin by saying- I have become obsessed with this app! I think it's a great way to stay in touch with the world of fashion. Another great asset follows along the lines of fashion ideas and ensembles, based on the weather in your state! At the moment, this is only open to residents in the United States. 

Pose can be used on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Androids as well as computer! I absolutely love that I can just log onto it with basically any piece of technology I've got.

"Tribal Maxi Dress"

"Lemon Light"

Download the app here!

Make a Pose account, and connect with me here!

I look forward to seeing the Poses YOU come up with! 


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