IFB Project #98: What's Your Summer Style?

It's time for an IFB Project once again! I'm particularly excited for this project because it's SUMMER! Time for travelling, hanging out with your friends, sleeping in, road trips, long-nights and so much more! But along with Summer comes heat, sweat and a whoooole lot of beauty problems! In the post, I'm going to aim and shoot at these problems, and show you how I tackle Summer Melt-Downs!

1. Easy-Going Hairstyles
Dealing with your hair on a daily basis can take it's toll on your hair. Constant brushing, combing, straightening, curling etc. can be extremely damaging to your hair, so it's important to give your hair a break! In photo 1 of the collage, I've got my hair in a protective style called Senegalese Twists. They're super cute and easy to maintain. The best part is it's not damaging to my hair at all! Tie your hair up for a few days or try a braided style- your hair will thank you for it!

2. Comfy Statement Outfits
If you're an avid reader of Eboni Curls, you know that I absolutely adore maxi dresses. Something about dresses add to the vibe of summer, so this category is all about creating your own summer style-and rocking it the best you can! My love doesn't just end at maxi dresses, I love all sorts of dresses. So I constantly wear them during the summer, pairing them with casual garments to bring it down a notch, or statement accessories to make the dress more of a formal outfit. I love dresses because they give me more of a feminine feel and they're super comfortable. Find one garment you love, and find a way to incorporate it into your summer look!

3. Light Makeup
Wearing too much make-up during summer is a no-no. It can damage the natural look of your face- plus it can be really uncomfortable sometimes! It's important not to cake make-up on your face not just during summer, but all year round. To prevent this, try playing around with your make-up, and go for a more natural look if you wear make-up on a daily basis. Don't feel like you can't play up your make-up for special events! If it's a really hot night, try buying a Make-Up Setter by M.A.C or Urban Decay. Remember to make it a practice to wash your face before bed and in the morning- healthy skin is beautiful skin!

4. Hydrating & Healthy Beauty Products
As fun as summer can be, along with summer comes dehydration of the skin and hair! It is important to take extra good care of both the hair and skin, and constantly making sure both are hydrated. Try hydrating the skin by using a moisturizing sunscreen like Hawaiin Tropic Silk Hydration. I use this sunscreen and find it very beneficial. I can protect my skin from the sun whilst moisturizing my skin! I also use Shea Butter on my skin to keep it smooth and glowing. For my hair, I keep it hydrated by carrying around a travel-sized spray bottle filled with water. H20 is the best hydrant for your hair! When I'm on the go, I can make sure my hair is hydrated. I also use a spray-leave in conditioner by Milk_Shake for quick, easy application. When I wash my hair, I use a shampoo bar from Lush called Trichomania, and Curls Ecstasy Conditioner. I also used Shea Butter to protect my hair from UVA/UVB rays from the sun.

5. Fragrance
Last but not least, it's important smell good during the summer! Heat equals sweat, and theirs' no combating that! It's natural for everybody to sweat once it heats up. If you're not big on strong smelling scents, tone it down a notch and try using a natural deodorant. A light, natural fragrance you can use is rosewater, or water with a few drops of any essential oil you may fancy. Try keeping fresh by carrying a pack of baby wipes or make-up wipes to freshen up while you're out. It will prevent you from mixing B.O. with some perfume or body spray- gross!

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