Box Braids VS. Senegalese Twists

Most of you know may have noticed that my main protective style during the winter month is box braids- or as I like to call them, "Poetic Justice braids." I recently decided to go for a new look- Senegalese twists. I loved the difference in the appearance and the formal look it gave me. Although I loved the appearance, I noticed I was able to do far more while my hair while I had braids. I've decided to create a pros and cons list for both Braids and Twists, so you can read it and see for yourself!

Solange Knowles rockin one of her most popular styles- braids



1. Easy to style
2. Last long
3. Don't require much maintenance
4. Simple to wash
5. Protects your hair well!


1. Heavy
2. Thick (depending on size)
3. May show products as 'white'

Jenell Stewart of



1. Gorgeous!
2. Simple to Style


1. Don't last too long
2. constant touch-ups may be necessary
3. natural texture shows through twist (depending on texture & thickness of hair)
4. Unravel quickly

Ambrosia of

Overall, I think I'd rather braids over twists. Since I'm always exercising, having braids as a protective style allows me not to worry so much about my hair and how it looks after my workout! It also protects my ends better than the twists. Which do you prefer? Let me know!


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