TFI: Press & Buyers Brunch 2013


I had the opportunity to attend "The Fashion Incubators Press & Buyers Brunch" 2013 and got the chance to acquaint myself with some amazing designers! I learned a lot about the fashion industry, and I have even more of a passion for it! Here are some photos and information on who to look out for this year.

Mom, Pamela, The Twin and I ! 

Mom, Pamela, Twinny and Xania

The geometric shapes were really eye-catching. They made a statement all on their own! 

Designers Regan Hayes and Vanessa Marino composed some beautiful pieces. This was most definitely one of my favourite booths at TBI Buyers & Press Brunch! Take a look at what they have to offer on their website here. 
Designer of ET Creationz, Elizabeth Tan was a delight to speak with. Her pieces are truly one of a kind- made with beetle wings! The colour is 100% natural, and seem to go well with everything!
I loved this piece- perfect to wear in my hair! 

Cristina of Criopia had some very ravishing pieces- they were definitely designed with a high level of creativity! 
Designer of Quill & Tine, Richard J. Kang-Choo was a pleasure to meet. Very charismatic and his creations were beautiful!

The Designers favourite creations......dainty

These touch-screen gloves were gorgeous- no more frozen fingers when you're typing outside!

Benjamin Daefyshe (fed-fish) designs sneakers that are chic enough to pair with a suit. Genius! Could I pull off a pair of these? 'Tis a challenge I must endure!

Sharon Snitman, designer of Wild Works Design showcased some eye-catching hats at the brunch. I had to take a photo of these beautiful ladies! Check out their site here.

This is only a portion the up and coming designers I got a chance to meet yesterday. It was truly an honour!


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