My Signature "Cinnabun and Bow" Style

I've had my hair out natural for about 3 months now and I'm loving it! I'm learning how to take care of my hair and what it needs; I'm learning what it hates, what it loves- and all of the in-betweens. My length is coming along really nicely, and I'm extremely proud of how long I've lasted. Throughout the course of my natural journey, I've been on a search for my signature "natural" style, and I've finally MASTERED it! I present to you, my "Cinnabun and Bow" style.

[back view] I got this bow from Ardene in a pack of three- they come in really handy!

My bangs were a lot more defined earlier today, I achieved this style from a twist-out

What's your signature natural hair style?


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