Black Excellence Mentor: Keke Palmer

Ever since I first saw Keke Palmer in "Akeelah and the Bee", I knew she was going to become something superb. Her acting skills were not only on point, but she was poised, humble and real in every one of the interviews I saw. She was and still is a young black woman that every girl my age- regardless of their ethnicity should look up to.

She has performed in over 10 shows, and continues on strong in her career.

Keke Palmer isn't just an actress, but a very successful singer-songwriter, dancer, fashion designer and activist. Her work is inspiring, and shows that age isn't a factor when it comes to success. Hard work is! She has kept her head on her shoulders, and held her composure throughout her career, and I view that as something to admire. Not to mention....her fashion sense is FLAWLESS. Keke Palmer is an amazing young woman, and she continues to do the black community proud. You go Girl!

"Say it LOUD, I'm BLACK and I'm PROUD"


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