Henna Caca Brun Review

Hello Lovelies!
For 2013, one of my resolutions was to create a stable, hair regimen. There are still a handful of products I'd like to try, but I need a simple, go to regimen that my hair thrives off of. I'm tired of having the same problem over and over again!

I first heard about henna in 2010 soon after my big chop. I was very nervous about the process of applying henna, washing it out, and especially restoring moisture to my already dry hair. I've come a long way from then, and 3 henna trials later, I think I've realized what ingredient in my henna mixture is causing my hair to be abnormally dry, even after I deep condition for 2 hours! ......

Lemon Juice. 

In this mixture, I included the follwing:

  • green tea (about a cup, 4 steeped tea bags)
  • lemon juice (1 tbsp)
** I used Honey I'm Strong by Herbal Essences to add slip to my hair during the removal process, and I used Curls Ecstasy by Curls as my deep conditioner. 

My hair loves lemon juice rinses in SUMMER. My hair naturally holds plenty more moisture in summer than in the colder months. In case you didn't know, I've relocated to Edmonton, Alberta for this year...can you say COLD? My hair hasn't experienced this freezing weather yet, and lemon juice was not the route I should have chosen. After this application, it was really just my ends that were dry, which means that that is the only area of my hair I really need to pay attention to in the future.

Here are some pictures of my henna mixture:

the wrapper around the henna blocks were actually directions- great way to save paper!

This mixture included only 2 blocks, but I ended up adding another block to create a thicker mix- I wanted absolutely NO 'drippage' while I was asleep! 

I wasn't able to capture any photos of my curls after I washed my hair out, but they were GORGEOUS! This is my fourth time applying henna, and the first time I experienced defined, looser curls. The colour change wasn't drastic, but you can definitely see a deep, burgundy-ish, brown-ish shade in natural lighting. The bar from Lush will only last me about 2 applications this time around because of the thickness and length of my hair, so I plan on doing another application during the summer months.

Overall, I'm happy with the results henna gives my hair! I purchased Caca Brun this time around- but the next time I visit Lush, I'm going to invest in a Caca Rouge bar of henna- I'm goin' RED Y'ALL! :)

Have any of you tried henna? How were your results? Leave me a comment below!!


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