College Degree to Become a Fashion Designer

By: Pam Johnson

Fashion design is one of the most popular programs of study for girls who love the world of fashion. It takes sincere dedication and talent to become a world renowned fashion designer. However, it also takes a solid education in the fundamentals of design, sewing, and construction to become a top designer. All of the best and most successful designers attended fashion design programs located around the world. A college degree will help connect you to powerful alumni for internships and job offers once you graduate. If you have considered foregoing a full degree program, then you should reconsider because it will ultimately make or break your career. The following list presents the top ideas on why you need a college degree to become a fashion designer.

1) Basic Education
Every great designer needs to understand the fundamentals of design. If you cannot sew or construct a garment, then you are not a designer. There is more to design than just drawing and picking fabric. You need to understand how different fabrics work, and how to dress various body shapes. Fashion design school will teach you how to see beyond your sketch pad.

2) Business Models
You will also need to learn how to properly run a business if you are going to own your own label. You should be aware of all aspects of the fashion industry from ordering samples to retail layouts. A great design program will not leave any aspect untouched. You need to make sure that any school you are interested in offers classes in areas besides fashion so that you get a great all around education.

3) Connections!
Connections are one of the top reasons fashion design school is essential to the future of your career. You will be able to score internships or jobs with major fashion houses depending on your schools alumni or partners! Connections to powerful companies and brands will help direct your career. Jobs are often only given to people who have the right connections.

4) Finding Mentors
College is a great time to find a mentor such as a faculty member or a fellow designer. You need mentors to keep you on track, and to help you reach your goals. Mentors are able to give you the guidance you need to make it in an industry that is competitive and tough. They will help you see faults in your work, and provide suggestions on how to fix them. A mentor can be worth their weight in gold. A college degree will help you find the right mentor for your goals.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should go to college to get a fashion degree. You just need to find the right school and program for you. You will learn more than just the basics of design.  A great program will teach you about business, production, textiles and much more. A college fashion degree will help you reach your career goals better than anything else can.

Author Pam Johnson is a passionate fashion designer who owns her own company. She received her fashion degree at one of the most affordable liberal arts colleges in the country.

Thanks again Pam, once again I enjoyed your article! Keep up the great work. 
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