Electric Blue

Happy Holidays!
I hope everyone has been eating as much food as I've been!

The holidays is the time of the year to rejoice with all your loved ones- blood or not! Tonight I went out for a lovely dinner with some loved ones. I took full advantage of all the boxing day sales, and stepped a bit out of my comfort zone tonight. I wore my hair out 100% natural which I haven't done in quite a while, and I wore BLUE pants! I'm so proud I decided to push myself out of my usual leggings/jeans attire. Here are a few shots of my outfit before I stepped out:

I thought this picture had some character with how blurry it is......

Ardene Scarf/Sirens Blazer/H&M Pants/Aeren Waters Purse

Overall I loved the way I looked. I used Curlformers to achieve my hairstyle, and I was so happy with the results! I got them for Christmas ad couldn't wait to try them out. I needed more than the pack of 40 because my hair is so thick, but I couldn't ask for more with the results. Check out Curlformers here.


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