Curlformers Review

Hello Everyone!

In a recent post, I wrote about my hair and how I achieved the style in my photos using Curlformers. They're definitely a staple in my natural hair journey. They help me achieve styles that can be really elaborate without breaking the bank, or damaging my hair.

For the hairstyle in my Electric Blue post, I used Long and Wide Curlformers as well as short and wide, and short and narrow. I purchased Curlformers in the small packs in the beginning, but because my hair is so thick, I had to purchase the pack of 40. BUT- I needed the pack of 40, plus about 15 of the other Curlformers I purchased in the beginning. I realized that the more Curlformers you have, the better. That way, you can create smaller parts so the Curlformers can smooth your roots as well.

I used the Curlformers on dry hair. I sectioned my hair into 6 parts, and worked section by section. I applied coconut oil, a little bit of milk_shake leave-in conditioner and shea butter to each section before inserting the Curlformer. These products worked tremendously together, and gave my curls beautiful hold, sheen and moisture. The end results looked as follows:

I LOVED the way they turned out! I tried to preserve it and re-create a style with 2nd day hair, but I was only able to maintain the front......*cough* let's just say I'm a violent sleeper. Here's how my hair looked the next day:

I pulled the rest of my hair into a textured bun using Tari's method, and had my bangs inspired by Fiya's Texured Bun Video. Watch them below!

I would definitely recommend Curlformers for all naturalistas on the hunt for a fresh, new style to try. Perfect for any formal event- prom, weddings, dinners, you name it! I give Curlsformers 5 HUGE Curls up! 


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