"Losing You" by Solange Knowles

Solange should no longer be addressed as "Beyonce's sister" in my eyes- she's definitely shown herself as her own independent, hard working woman! Her fresh fashion sense (and hair!), admirable personality and distinctive voice has grown on me.  Solange released a new single titled "Losing You" on October 1st, 2012 with a video. The first time I hear the song I found myself tapping my feet, and ever since then I've been singing the words throughout the day. It's addicting!

The video features a few gorgeous looks I had to include in this post.

the different use of patterns here suits Solange so well! 

This orange suit is beautiful! Lovin' the curls here.....
LOVE the shorts!  I miss summer.....

This photo is very similar to the one above- the  only difference is Solange is sporting a patterend blazer here!

To get the full affect of the video, watch it here. I found the video very unique, yet beautiful at the same time. Check it out, and let me know what you think in the comment box below!


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