Check it Out: Aeren Waters

I got a chance to contact the wonderful Nerea of "Aeren" Waters; scientist by day, fashion designer/artist/creative force by night. I recently won a prize from The Good Hair Blog, and I received a beautiful bag pictured below, and I can't wait to piece it together with an outfit!

I just had to capture the box....BEAUTIFUL!

Myself with the "Golden Paradise Clutch". Gorgeous! 

She sent twinny a purse of her own- she loves it!
Find out more about Nerea and Aeren Waters in the interview below.

EC: Tell us about yourself!

Nerea: My name is Nerea, and I am Aeren Waters!  As you know, Eboni, I have an Etsy shop online where I sell handmade accessories.  This is actually an extension of my passion to create.  By day, I am a scientist specializing in molecular biology. By night (until the wee hours of the morning), I am a fashion designer/artist/creative force.  

EC: What inspires you to create such beautiful pieces? 

Nerea:  My pieces are made with the intent of bringing a smile to your face and a pop to your wardrobe.  I enjoy the looks and words of satisfaction from those who wear my pieces.  I like to create things that can whisper, but speak volumes.  I like mixing fabrics, colors and patterns to create beauty.

EC: What is your main goal as a handy fashionista? 

Nerea: I hope I can inspire others to express themselves through fashion, if they can't by other means.  I also hope to convey that it is never too late to try something new and follow through with something you enjoy, despite what others may say.

EC: LOVE! How can we get in contact with you? 

Nerea: If you want to know more about me, my story, or just buy some cool accessories (LOL), you can find me on Twitter (@AerenWaters) and Facebook. My couture goodies are for purchase on Etsy at For "garb-ation" (I DEFINE THIS AS THE STATE OF WHAT YOU WEAR) inspiration, I am on Tumblr
**You can also check out this video on my Facebook page for a little bit more about me and Aeren Waters! (Interesting tidbit: It was actually my audition video I made for the NBC show, Fashion Star! I think it serves as a dazzling glimpse of what I do, and why I do it. Enjoy!)

Many thanks to the beautiful Nerea! Please check her out, and let me know what you think!


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