The Fall Tour 2012: The Weeknd Concert

We were late. West Edmonton Mall is NOT fun to find parking in when the Weeknd's there! As we got in, it seemed as though the concert was running a bit off schedule anyways, so we didn't miss a single thing, and we found great places to stand, yes.

As the night went on, the anticipation in the room rose to an all time high. People started singing his songs, chanting his name- it was great! Until it went on for 15 minutes....then half an hour.....then an hour....then two get my point. He was late. 3 hours late.

Believe me when I say my body was in PAIN. I got pushed, punched, my hair got pulled, and someone threw red bull at me. Fun. But when he came on-


Everyone was excited and overwhelmed- the sound of the music was EUPHORIC. I can't even begin to explain how amazing it was to hear his voice....he sounds even better live than in his songs. He hit every single note perfectly, and then some. The bass from the sound system was excellent. Not a single cut out, chip or screech. My favorite performed song was probably 'What You Need'. I really loved 'The Zone' and 'Wicked Games' as well. Of course 'High for This' and 'Crew Love' were a crowd favorite, the fans were beyond hyped! All songs were done extremely well.

Unfortunately, the venue wouldn't let me bring in my DSLR (sob), so I had to use my iPod and depend on my twin to snap some photos.

West Edmonton Mall is my new "The Weeknd" T-shirt :)  excuse the quality!

how cute is my twin!? :) 

the tickets 


The Weeknd himself! 

Abel Tesfaye- Edmonton Adores you! 

Overall it was glorious concert- I'm so glad I got a chance to go. I had a great time with my girls! The only downside to it all was waking up this morning for a math test.....lovely. This concert is definitely something to remember!

Here are some videos from the concert. Enjoy!!
*theses videos do NOT belong to me unless stated otherwise. Be aware that there is profane language included in the video. Viewer discretion is advised. 

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