Lana Del Rey for Hennes and Mauritz

This new up and coming artist is taking the music industry and the fashion industry by storm. Lana Del Rey's 50's inspired prints and outfits are becoming more and more popular. As of this month, Lana has teamed up with Hennes & Mauritz (aka H&M), modelling their newest Fall Collection for 2012. Her advertisements have been popping up everywhere!

LOVE the pastel sweater matched with the pastel jeans- genius!

I'm definitely a huge fan of this collaboration; Lana's fresh sense of style is inspiring and exciting! I'm a fan of her music and the store, so I'm looking forward to see what else Lana can bring to H&M. What do you think of this collaboration? Leave comments!

                                         check out the Lana Del Rey H&M Commercial below.



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