IFB Project #64: Be Origi-Nail- 'Tip Me Denim'

I found out about this IFB Project through email, and I thought it would be great to participate in!

Yesterday, I picked up some Matte Top Coat and a blue shade called "Skin Tight Denim" by NYC and definitely had to try them out ASAP! In a few previous blog posts, I've mentioned one of my favorite nail polish colours titled "Leotard Optional". I decided to try the matte top coat and the midnight blue colour in collaboration with O.P.I's Leotard Optional shade. Here's the end result: 

'Skin Tight Denim' by NYC/ 'Leotard Optional' by O.P.I/ 'Matte Me Crazy' by NYC

'Skin Tight Denim' was used to create the tips of the nail

I used the 'Matte me Crazy' polish along the entire nail bed, but you can also leave the tips shiny or vise versa if you'd like- switch it up! 

'Leotard Optional' was used as the base coat/colour.

I love this design. It's a simple look, and it keeps your nails looking nice and neat for any occasion. Best of all, it takes only about 5 minutes to complete! I titled it 'Tip Me Denim" because of the denim coloured tips- cute right?!

Check out some other great designs for this project here.


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