Tyra Banks on Dr. Oz: First Self Image Discussion

Today, the beautiful, very well known supermodel Tyra Banks was featured on the popular day show Dr. Oz. After just seeing the advertisements, I made sure to mark the date of this intriguing episode on my calendar- they would be discussing Self Image.

Tyra Banks went through many encounters with bullies as a girl- as most of us have. She was bullied for her thin build and larger than average forehead. Before she became the well known model she is today, she went through a lot with agencies telling her one thing or the other about what they didn't like or what she needed to change. in 2007, Tyra was in the tabloids for gaining 20-30lbs. She came back with a roar that couldn't be ignored, when she told the press to "kiss her fat ass" on her daytime show "The Tyra Banks Show".

Since then, Tyra's done interviews and magazine covers all about her weight, all rolling up to today. This episode was truly moving for me, and many others. I love that Tyra has enough confidence to show who she truly is on national television. Who cares is she gained some weight- that's life! It was very satisfying to see that she wasn't starving herself to fit in with the rest of "beautiful women" of the world.

As a teenager, I am constantly introduced and exposed to advertisements nagging me to be thinner, because "thin means beautiful". But watching this episode really reminded me that beautiful comes in all shapes and sizes. As hard as it is for me to accept the way I'm built and the way I look, watching Tyra gave me hope that someday I can love myself- and other women will loves themselves for who they are.

courtesy of Essence.com

Watch the Dr. Oz Episode featuring Tyra Banks here.


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