Jordin Sparks on the August Cover of SHAPE Magazine

Hi Everyone!

Lately, I've been lacking a bit of motivation to keep eating healthy and exercise daily, but all that ended yesterday when I picked up the August issue of Shape Magazine with American Idol winner Jordin Sparks on the cover! Her story is truly inspiring, and her loss of 50 lbs is definitely doing her curves justice-she looks great! The now 150lbs celebrity says "I never thought I needed to lose weight, I was proud of my curves". Her saying this left me with a great amount of satisfaction. Jordin wasn't losing weight to seem more attractive or sexier- she already though she was cute! She realized that it was unhealthy for her, and decided to make a change. I'm so proud of her!  Peep her cover shot here:

I love it! How do you all feel about Jordin Sparks's progress? Leave comments below!


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