New Summer Fitness Plan: Update

Alright, I know I just made a post yesterday buuut,

I can already feel the difference! Today, my workout consisted of The Video of the Day on, and a 15 minute ab workout by Cassey Ho of Blogilates. I absolutely LOVED the ab workout! I felt great afterwords, and would you believe I could see my abs right after! I feel more confident, more energized, and I've already lost 2 pounds- 3 pounds away from my first Goal Weight! I'm extremely proud of myself even though it is just two pounds. Some people see it as nothing, but I see it as simple, uplifting progress.

I can't say I've stayed 100% away from sweets..... (Granny sent a cake!) BUT I'm eating in extreme moderation, and curving my cravings for sweet foods with fruits, power shakes etc. I've also been eating frequent, small 'meals' so I never get that "hungry" feeling. It's best to stay away from having your tummy grumble- it'll cause you to eat more than you normally would!

I will try my best to post the foods I'm eating and recipes I've tried and loved. Summer season isn't going to beat me this year- it's going to motivate me!!

Find the Blogilates video I used today here.

Stay Fit,

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