Naturalista Spotted for 17 Magazine

Hi Everyone!
About a week ago, I signed up for the '17 Fit Club' to get in shape! I paid only $5.99 for a months' time, and I've already began to see results. Everything on  '17 Fit Club' takes place online, so the workouts are posted via video. For two consecutive days, a workout will be posted, followed by a rest day. The site includes tips, foods, access to fitness experts and more. Sign up for the 17 Fit club here.

As I signed on today to do my workout, I noticed a beautiful head of curls in front of me. Her name is Chelsea, and she's a NATURAL FITNESS INSTRUCTOR! Here's what she looks like: 

Now, I will admit that I have seen a few curly headed curlies in Seventeen Magazine before, but I was extremely impressed to see this lovely girl! Is it wrong that I just want to touch her curls?

What do you all think? I say, kudos to Seventeen AND to Chelsea for getting through her workout with a full out 'fro!

Eboni Morgan

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