Heat Damage Nightmares

My DEAD ends! *sniff* 
I`ve got some bad news. Some verrrry bad news.

I have heat damage. My beautiful, kinky-curly, hair has been KILLED.
Since I was in part time competitive dance this year, my hair became an issue when it came to performances- I had to straighten it. I knew I would have to straighten it when I entered dance during fall of last year- but I had NO intentions of damaging it the way I did!

     I`ve always overlooked posts and articles about heat damage because I rarely straightened my hair. But all hell came loose on June 9th, 2012.
Snip snip!
I was rushed- and by rushed I mean 15 minutes MAX to straighten my hair before I was due for my performance. So me, being the "natural hair expert", put the damn flat iron on 345 degrees. No heat protectant, no blow out, nothing. I put the flat iron to my hair. Now, I had no idea that oils were great heat protectants. I had always thought that the smoke produced when the oil and the flat iron came in contact was a bad thing. I thought that it meant that my hair was literally being "cooked". So my coconut oil, grapeseed oil, olive oil all went to waste- no heat protectants for me!

     Once I got home, I decided to wash my hair. Common sense told me that trying to brush my hair out with all that gel was a bad idea! So as I stepped into the shower, I realized that my curls in the back and on the side of my head were still straight. Now, for me this is normal. After straightening my hair, my hair tends to stay straight-ER than usual, even after the first wash. But it became an issue when I washed my hair a second, and a third time. These areas were still straight! Not knowing what to do, I went straight to curlynikki.com. She answered all my questions- I had damaged my hair using extreme, direct heat.

Tropical Deep Conditioner from kisforkinky.com 
      I was depressed- and I still am! This August should be my second year- my hair should be shoulder length, gorgeous and THICK, right? WRONG. I'm already disappointed in my disability to retain length, due to constant neglect when my hair was in braids, and now HEAT DAMAGE? I had a moment today though. As I was doing my pre-poo treatment....I just began snipping. I snipped and snipped and snipped- until most of my damaged ends were gone. Overall, I snipped off about  5 inches. That's basically most of my hair unfortunately.....so YES, I am upset. But at the same time- I'm glad I chopped those ends off. I'm terrible with dealing with two curl patterns- I'm a short transitioner! (Thank God I'm Natural by Chris-Tia Donaldson even says so!) So it was a big step for me to take, but I'm glad I took it. Today, I took it upon myself to take a break from studying and did a full Hair Spa Day. My hair feels great! I did the Tropical  Deep Conditioner I found on kisforkinky.com . I now use grapeseed oil as a heat protectant- it did me well for my two performances after the first one! With my pre-poos, deep conditions and deep treatments, I'm hoping my hair gets back into tip top shape- it's time for a hair boot camp!

What have you done to help your heat damage? Let me know!

Eboni Morgan

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