Testing 1.....2....3- STYLES!

So I've officially decided that I need to move on from my regular twists and puff (sniff) but- I came up with a really cute hairstyle that helped me get through my workout at dance without puffing up! Here it is:

two cornrows done by yours truly. 

ignoring the lazy eye.....

Overall I think the style worked out. I'm happy I can finally just pull my hair back into a ponytail. As soon and I can put it in a bun without straightening it- it's protected ends for me! YAYY! 

To achieve this look, I:
- Used my spray bottle mixture and sprayed the hair I was pulling back- it makes it a whole lot easier!
- I used a soft bristle brush to keep it on the neater side. 
- I kept my hair down using KMS California Hair Paste, and some Eco Styler Gel. 
*be sure to rub the hair paste in really well, or else your hair will appear white- it's thick!

The cornrows takes practice and patience.....here are some videos to help you out! 

P.S. Just to let you all know, I have been taking the Aphogee Hair Supplements, and a review and overall hair length check will be done in the next few weeks! 

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