Oyin Handmade Sugar Berry Pomade Review

Hi lovelies!

So as you know, a few weeks ago I received my Oyin Handmade Sugar Berry Pomade in the mail. I've given it a few weeks to test out, and here are my final thoughts.

I was extremely excited to get my pomade, especially after reading so many positive reviews! this product has definitely become on of my staple products. I do plan on purchasing this item in the near future.

I used this pomade as a sealant as well as a moisturizer. These are the methods I used.

Method 1: 

1. I washed my hair using the Curlicious curls Cleansing Cream, and conditioned with the Curls Coconut Sublime conditioner.

2. I applied some grapeseed oil (this can be substituted for most oils) and then coated my strands with the sugar berry pomade.

3. I flat twisted my hair and wore a silk scarf and bonnet to sleep. 

After waking up the next morning, I applied a bit more Oyin to protect my ends. My hair felt extremely soft, and smelled tutti fruity!

Method 2:

1. Section off my hair.

2. Mist hair with water/ spray bottle mixture and detangled.

3. Apply Pomade.

Using this method helped prep my hair for the next morning, making sure to contain moisture throughout the day!

Method 3:

1. Section hair off.

2. Flat twist sections. 

3. Apply pomade to ends.

This method was used to keep my protective style intact and moisturized. I usually use this method when I'm throwing on a beanie, or even when I do flat twists with my puff!

Overall this product definitely gets 5 out of 5 stars from me. It keeps my hair moisturized, shiny, clean and smelling great! I have zero product build up, and I don't have to worry about my hair flaking or getting rock hard from "over-usage". I can't get enough of this product- I recommend every curly girly to give it a try!


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