Outfit of the Day: High- Low Top

Hi Everyone!
Yesterday, I finally got a chance to go shopping! I bought such cute tops and accessories- I can't wait to let you all see! I pieced some new items with my outfit of the day today- here it is:

Costa Blanca Top/ sirens leggings/ Levi's jean Vest

Look at the flowers in the back! Summers' on its way :)

Wedges from Winners

Ring from Aldo Accessories 

I was really excited to wear this outfit today1 I received a lot of compliments- I'm so glad this outfit worked out as planned! Of course I wore my hair in a puff with two flat twists in the front- my staple style! I decided to slick the edges down today, and used Eco Styler gel, and applied a bit of Ouidad's Heat Protectant tkeep my hair from frizzing midday.

Keep fresh ladies! 

Eboni Morgan 

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