Maxi Dress Mania

Hi all!

As the weather gets warmer and warmer, I've noticed that the maxi dress has taken a huge toll on fashion for the summer! Since beach season is right around the corner, I decided to go on a hunt for the perfect maxi dress. Here are some major cute ones I've seen worn by some celebs :

Keyshia Cole in music Video for "Heaven Sent"

Dress change! Keyshia Cole in music Video for "Heaven Sent"

Beyonce Knowles 

Solange Knowles, dress by Vera Wang

My Grandmother recently bought me a new sewing machine, and I`ve created tones of designs- one included a maxi dress that I drew last summer! It`s peachy orange, with braided straps, most likely a viscose fabric. I decided that if I can`t find the perfect maxi dress....I`m going to learn how to sew one!

What do you all think about maxi dresses? Let me know! 

Eboni Morgan

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