Hi Everyone!
I'm sorry for the late post- school has demanded my undivided attention. I hope everyone's Easter was fun and filling! I pulled off a natural hairstyle at my family's  Easter Dinner this year.  I did the regular twist-out bangs with a puff. I added in these two cute bow clips as well!Here's a look:

I received many compliments on how beautiful and thick my hair was, SCORE! It felt really nice to have my own hair haha! I hope I can keep up with some protective styling though- these puffs are murdering my ends!

I wasn't able to get a shot of what I was wearing, but I will definitely post pictures as soon as I can!

As for school today......
I wore a hat. I had no clue it was going to rain, but the Hair Goddess must've knocked on my door. I had my hair in two twists peeking out at the front. I thought it was cute, and I also received compliments on how "puffy" and "soft" my hair was. I was sure not to let them touch my hair too much....after all, curiosity did kill the cat! 
I wore a new long-sleeve shirt with the patches on the elbows, a pair of jeans and knee high boots. Here's the look: 

shirt- Forever21/ Jeans- Sirens/ Hat- Calvin Klein/ Hair Clips- Forever21

I was VERY proud of my look today! I'm hoping I can keep up with my hair for the next 2 weeks- it's my goal!

What are protective styles that I can use for school? Leave suggestions in the comment box.

Eboni Morgan 

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