It's been SO long!!

Hi Curlies!

It's been forever since I've posted anything on this blog.....I apologize. A lot has happened since my post forever ago!!

I hit my one year natural mark!! :) I was very proud of myself for accomplishing that. I came up with a list of things to remember though. My ups and downs throughout the process.

1. Even when you have a Protective Style, keep managing your hair! 
I kept braids in for most of my time natural. I didn't feel I needed to keep on top of moisturizing my hair and deep conditioning- WRONG. It would've helped my hair a lot if I had moisturized and done more treatments. It was the worst when I had my weave in for the summer- I couldn't access my scalp! Always remember- just because your hair is protected, doesn't mean you can loaft on the TLC!

2. Don't let Length Retention get you Down
I let myself focus on the length of my hair far too much. I was constantly checking to see how much my hair had grown. I still have a bit of a problem now. I need to practice what I preach! But remember, a watched pot never boils.

3. Research Research Research!!
Remember to keep on top of your hair- treat it like precious jewels. I know for me, I'm constantly on natural hair blogs and youtube trying to educate myself more on my curls- it helps you along the way!

4. Work WITH your hair, not AGAINST.
There are too many times where I've tried to get my curls to do things they just weren't built for. I'm still working on this as well......but try to style your hair based on what you have, not on what you wish to have. It's hard- I know. Like I said, I'm STILL working on that!

5. Hair Feel Goods! 
While this year natural, there were many points where I felt discouraged or like I should just give up. But I never did! And I don't want YOU to either! Trying going on or and look at other women with beautiful, kinky hair. I find it inspiring and motivational!

I hope this helps you ladies out......I know I had a lot of fun with my hair during my first year going natural!

Eboni Morgan

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