Happy New Year/ Henna Journey/ New Product

Hello Everyone!

So it's finally 2011- my year! I have many things I'd like to accomplish this year, including adding some length to my wonderfully nappy hair : )

So, I've done my research, and I've found out more and more about henna. I'm excited to announce that I will be starting my own henna journey! I've spoken to a hairdresser near to where I live, and she'll be helping me all the way through it! I'm not exactly sure of the mixture she uses, but I'll be sure to ask and blog about it as soon as I start my journey.

But before anything- I want to know about your experiences with henna!!!! I've got a mix of 4a and 3c curls, and I'm looking for looser curls, and a thicker/healthier head full of hair. I'm not aiming for a great amount of colour- but I won't be using indigo, I don't want my hair to be jet black either.......we'll just have to see :)

What are your experiences with Henna? Any curl loosening? I want to know!!!

P.S. I've also purchased a new product called "Cantu Shea Butter Leave-in Conditioning & Repair Cream".   I bought it at Target (gosh I hope they Target to Canada) for about $6. So far it seems to be a GREAT conditioner, AND repair cream! I'm using it in the hopes of strengthing my terribly damaged hairline (thanks a lot perm!) It keeps my hair moisturized and soft. It has a light smell- not to overpowering, but lovely :). I can't wait to use it on my full head of hair!!!!

If you have tried this product, what were your results? Good or Bad? I want to know!
Eboni Morgan

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