Running into the Downers

Hey there curly girlies.
So today was a pretty good day, until I got home. I decided I wanted to watch the video from Sesame Street called "I Love my Hair". I usually do that to encourage myself to remember why I and who
 I am, and why my hair is the way it is. So I log onto my account, and watch the clip. I started to make a comment on how wonderful the video was, until I came into contact with THIS comment:
"your own black subhuman women are trying to hard to look and act like whiteevolved women, thats why. your people will always be ugly and apelike when compared to whites looks."

It hurts me NOT to give the name, but sadly, this is what people are beginning to think about black women and our hair.
Knowing me, I quickly wrote a rebuttle stating that he is a racist person who needs help. I won't say EXACTLY what I wrote- that's up to you to go and see :)

But what are your intakes on this comment? Did you believe that such a beautiful song about a Black Girl's hair could lead to such ignorace and controversy? I want to know! Feel free to drop and e-mail, or post a comment.

my e-mail is

Eboni Morgan

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