Au Naturel; Road to Fro

Hello fellow Curlies!

I have some very exciting news (well, for me that is :P) to share with you guys!


I have got BRAIDS in my hair. I've been wearing braids (extentions) in my hair for approx. 8 years, with breaks, and getting my hair re-done in between. Now, don't get me wrong- having braids can make a girl look COMPLETELY fly, but braids can also damage your hair very drastically, especially if you don't nourish your scalp on a regular basis.

Chemically Straightened Hair (Perm)

I have also chemically straightened my hair, (this is called a PERM for curly hair, or hair from the African descent) which has replaced my old, beautiful afro with dead, split ends that look TERRIBLE. It has also left my hair dry and brittle.

Great News! "Au Natural"

So onto my great news :) I've decided to go natural- which means NO more braids and NO more chemically straightening my hair. I'm going "Au Naturel", and this is my ROAD TO FRO. I'm going to need all the help and advice I can get! If I have any other fellow naturally curly girls out there, any advice would be greatly appreciated! Throughout this process, I will try to blog weekly about how my "road to fro" is going.

I've also gotten a new book called " Thank God I'm Natural" by Chris-Tia, which will hopefully help me get through this with as many positive effects as possible. I will also be posting tips on how to keep your hair healthy and looking great based on my research. I'll be sure to check out everything before posting!

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