Au Naturel; Road to Fro- Hairstyles, Acronyms and Thinking....

Oh boy.... MY HAIRRR!!! :O

After taking my braids out a few weeks ago, I've been treating my hair like silk. I've been DC (deep conditioning) just like "Thank God I'm Natural" has been telling me, I've been trying natural shampoos and conditioners and trying all different types of protective styles. But after taking my braids out, I was left DEVASTATED about what perm had done to my hair.

Thinking, thinking, thinking........

Since perm is permanent, I was left with at least 4'' of dead, straight hair. Now, I'm not an EXTREMELY patient person, so I'm looking to transition for about six months to a year. Having these ends are NOT going to get me anywhere. So I've done LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTSSSS of thinking, and I've decided to BC (big chop) which means cut all my dead ends off. I'm going to do it right before school starts this August, and put braids back in to keep my hair protected and healthy. Since I'm going to a sports oriented school, and I'm NOT perming EVERRR AGAIN, I won't have to worry about sweating my style out- another plus to having braids and going natural :)

As of Now

As of yesterday I put my braids back in because graduation is on it's way, and because of the harsh heat during the summer. I've learned that when beginning your transitioning cycle, it's important to protect you hair from high temperatures- it's very common for women with kinky hair to have breakage and dryness after a long day out in the sun. So putting braids in makes it easier for me to take care of my hair while going through transitioning. I've put in "micro braids" which are very tiny braids in your hair to give it more of a natural effect. And since it's curly hair, just like my natural hair, I don't have to worry about flat ironing it every morning, and hoping it doesn't frizz in the summer heat. This style looks HOTT! And I think I might even use these types of braids all throughout my transitioning cycle :)


Although I don't have my natural hair out at this point, it does not mean I'm ending my "Road to Fro" here. I'm going to take AMAZZZING care of my hair, and try to learn as much as possible while in braids. I'm aiming to have my hair at least shoulder length by January 2011. Do you think I'll be able to do it? I'm going to need all the support I can get!!!!!!
Stay tuned for more "Road to Fro" Blogs!!!!

Eboni Morgan

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