Au Naturel; A New Journey

Hello there Curlies!

So, it’s been a while since I’ve updated you on my Road to Fro. So let me just say, my hair has yet to fail me! Braids and protective styles can really go a long way! And I’m just about to experiment another journey that I just HAVE to spill with you guys!!!

I’m not sure if I’ve posted a blog referring to henna quite yet, but that’s the new journey I’m hoping to start on Saturday, October 30th, 2010.

Henna comes from a plant that is grown and harvested. Henna is not only used for the hair, but as many of my Indian/Hindu friends know, henna is used as beautiful hand decorations over celebrations like Eid and Diwali. It is also referred to as mehndi.

So, henna has many pros and cons for African hair. What henna is mainly used for for African hair, is colouring, strengthening and protecting. Henna’s natural ingredients tend to colour women’s hair into a deep-ish red colour. Henna cannot lighten hair, but it will darken a light colour of hair. Most women who have reviews on henna say that it also strengthens and protects our hair. Henna strengthens the root of the hair, and gives it a lovely shine. It also coats the hair, and protects it from potential breakage, split ends, and harsh weather. This was a huge factor to me, since I always love to travel back to my hometown in Edmonton, AB. Waaaay up north where it's cold!

Some cons from henna is that it always seems to leave our hair dry. It is important to do a follow up condition that nourishes and treats the hair very well. Without that conditioning, henna could ruin your lovely, MOISTURIZED hair. Henna is also a very messy thing. Since you must mix it into a paste, and then apply it to your hair, I’ve heard it’s almost like painting! It’s important that when you henna, you do NOT do it on hardwood flooring or in your moms beautiful white-tiled bathroom. Both of those are HUGE no-no’s. I’m not the type to try and do things clean when they’re already classified as messy, so I’m planning on getting my henna treatments in a salon on the west end. It is a far trip from where I live, but it’s not like any of the hair salons are near me lol.

If you would like some more info on the henna treatments here’s the website that carried me through all my questions:

ALSO, one last quick thing. Has anyone seen this video from Sesame Street? It’s about a young black singing about how much she loves her hair, and all the wonderful things she can do with it. I wish I had this around when I wanted to perm my hair.........

Here is the link!

Thanks for Reading!

Eboni Morgan

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